First Time

First Time

Tandem skydiving allows the first time jumper to experience freefall from approximately two miles in the sky with the use of a parachute harness built for two people. You will be jumping with a certified tandem instructor. This allows the student/passenger to relax and enjoy the freefall and canopy ride with minimal ground training. Tandem students are required to complete a brief ground class. Class instruction includes an overview of the jump process, climbing to altitude, exit, opening, canopy control and landing.


Time Required:
For Tandem jumping, plan to spend one to two hours onsite, although this time is very weather dependent. There will be lots of things to watch and participate in. We encourage you to bring coolers with food and beverages, and make a day out of it if you'd like. Skydiving is very dependent on weather factors so don't make any plans for after your jump unless they can be postponed if necessary.

What to Bring:
-Photo ID with date of birth is a must
-lots of family and friends

What to Wear:
-Sneakers (gym shoes) are a must
-Warm weather - shorts and t-shirt
-Cool weather - running pants, tight fitting sweatshirts or thin polar fleece
-For your comfort, try not to wear anything bulky, layering is better. We will provide you with a jumpsuit to put on over your clothes.

Food and Beverages:
-Eat a light breakfast or lunch before your skydive, its not a good idea to skip a meal.

Methods of Payment:
-Cash. Visa / MasterCard

Day of Your Skydive:

After filling out your paperwork, you will be given personal training that provides you the knowledge and confidence to safely exit the airplane. Shortly after, you will be given your skydiving gear and your harness will be securely fastened to you. Your family and friends are invited to join you while you are being trained and getting prepared to jump. After any last minute questions are answered, you will board the airplane, fly to exit altitude, and prepare to experience the thrill you have been waiting for. As the airplane approaches your jump altitude, your instructor will reaffirm your training and ensure that you are prepared to jump. It is at that time that you will be firmly attached to your instructor and final equipment safety checks conducted. Your instructor will open the door of the airplane and safely guide you through the exit process and into freefall. We promise that the next few moments will be the most thrilling you have ever experienced! You will freefall at speeds up to 120 mph from approximately 2 miles above the earth's surface taking you through an indescribable sensation that few people have experienced.

After deploying your parachute, your instructor will allow you to assist in guiding the parachute to the intended landing spot. For the next 5 minutes, you and your instructor will be able to verbally communicate allowing us to tailor the experience to your specific desires. Some people desire a fast, gut-wrenching parachute ride while others are much more content to savor the breathtaking panoramic view as the breeze lightly whips past your face and the parachute slowly drifts you to the ground.

Soon you are preparing to land as you guide the parachute toward the designated landing spot where your friends and family are eagerly awaiting to hear your reaction. As you softly touch down onto the earth in front of your astonished friends, your probably already asking yourself, "Why did I wait so long to try this?" After getting unhooked from your instructor, the realization hits you that you are now part of an elite group of people who can say "I have jumped from a perfectly good airplane, AND LOVED IT!"

Tandem Pricing

Skydivers Cost Special
1 Tandem Skydive 259.00 $229/person
Group of 2 $249/Person $219/Person
Groups 3 - 6 $239/Person $209/Person
Groups 7 or More $229/Person $199/Person

Tandem Availability

Day Option
Sunday Tandem Skydive
Monday Tandem Skydive - Available by Special Appointment Only - Please email us
Tuesday Tandem Skydive - Available by Special Appointment Only - Please email us
Wednesday Tandem Skydive - Available by Special Appointment Only - Please email us
Thursday Tandem Skydive - Available by Special Appointment Only - Please email us
Friday Tandem Skydive - Available by Special Appointment Only - Please email us
Saturday Tandem Skydive

Video Services

Option Cost
Digital Stills Photography - (plus tax) $75.00
DVD Video - (plus tax) $119.00
DVD Video & Digital Stills Photography - (plus tax) $139.00

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