Ohio Skydiving Center offers complete video photography of your first jump experience. We offer two distinctly different video aspects; Hand-cam and Independent camera flyers. With the hand-cam technique, our experienced tandem instructors jump with a video camera mounted to their hand. This offers a unique perspective, especially while under parachute that really provides excellent photo's of your entire jump. In addition, we also employ independent camera flyers who actually freefall with you and capture close up video of your entire jump from exit of the aircraft until you land.

Regardless of the video shooting method, your finished video typically contains some of your ground training, getting suited up, footage of your ride up to altitude in the airplane, freefall, canopy ride and your landing. Your finished video will be 5 to 10 minutes long edited with music and special effects to make it something you will be proud to show your friends and family. Your video package will be a valuable treasure that you will keep forever and we maintain a 100% guarantee on all of our videography.

Video Services

Option Cost
Digital Stills Photography - (plus tax) $75.00
DVD Video - (plus tax) $119.00
DVD Video & Digital Stills Photography - (plus tax) $139.00


The staff are very kind which helped make this one of my best experiences of my life!

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