Get Licensed

Get Licensed

Many people often ask why we jump out of "perfectly good" airplanes. The reality is that those individuals will never know they are too afraid to believe that this activity might actually be really fun and exciting.

Fortunately for many people in the US, this high-flying adrenaline sport is not as extreme or intimidating as many individuals may want you to believe. Just about anyone 18 years of age or older can make a safe and unforgettable tandem skydive after some comprehensive safety instruction. The beauty of Tandem Skydiving is that you get to experience what many of us talk about, with little time investment on your part.

Each year, approximately 500,000 people in the U.S. try skydiving for the first time. On average, Tandem skydivers and experienced skydivers make about 3 million jumps annually! Today, more than 10 million men and women throughout the country can say they've made at least one leap into the wild blue skies over Ohio.

For us, Skydiving is not only safe, but is often a life-changing event for many of our customers. We believe it provides an unforgettable experience like no other activity. All of our staff members maintain professional careers outside of Skydiving. Being a family-run operation, our staff members spend countless hours at the airport each weekend just to enable us to invite you into our world and show you what we enjoy. We feed on other peoples excitement and are eager to show you what we get so excited about each weekend.

It is absolutely true what people say about skydiving; in terms of sheer excitement and high-speed fun, nothing comes close!

Tandem Progression Pricing

Package Cost
Student Training Package - 5 Hour Ground School | Training Tandems | 7 Instructor Assisted Jumps | Pre-jump Instruction and Post Jump Debriefs | All Gear Included | All Parachute Repack Fees | USPA Membership | Save $100 on this package! 1650.00
A-License Package - Includes everything from the Student Training Program above PLUS: 8 Coach jumps (learning advanced skills), | 7 solo jumps (practice skills on your own) | Packing Lessons | A-license certification jump | A $300 Savings! 2550.00


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